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A Resting Place

Rest. Reflect. Breathe. Remember. Read. Learn. Listen. Respond. Return.

I invite you to journey with me and explore the meaning of ‘living a sacramental life’. Christians practice many different spiritual disciplines. I want to look not only at the practice of the disciplines but the very spirit of them as well. Not all disciplines are alike. Sabbath and keeping sabbath is a popular topic as more and more of us find it difficult to step away from a life of chaos and stress to claim a life of calm and inner peace. What would be the point of working hard to establish a spiritual discipline that counters the very notion that hard work is something to strive for, not find release from?

I want to write about our right to rest and our responsibility to rest. As a person of faith, prayer and discernment require a certain ‘resting in’ the presence of the One who calls me to work and authors the very nature of the work I do. ¬†Won’t you join me? In future posts I will discuss prayer practices using the daily offices of morning prayer and night prayer.

Have you ever written your own psalm? Do you want to create a small worship space in the home? Have you shared your spiritual autobiography with anyone? Do you have a church home? Journey with me, won’t you?

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